How Glamorous Girls BBQ

Happy Easter Everyone!  I hope you all had tasty meals and family time!

I on the other hand, spent quality time with my WSM

Still in my church wardrobe..




Okay, even the glamorous get smoke in their eyes..Sheesh..

Well I guess I should introduce myself now.  I am Danielle and the other half of Porknography.

You have already heard from Laura in the previous posts, so here I am, hello 🙂

Today I took advantage of the beautiful weather and started my BBQ practice.  I decided to throw on some ribs and chicken thighs.  I used the same method Laura posted about earlier for chicken thighs.  Boned out, scrape skin, butter bath, high temp smoke.  I must say, they came out absolutely gorgeous.  Perfect moist bite to them, skin pulled away beautifully. My only complaints were that maybe the smoke was a bit strong for a delicate piece of meat.  I used cherry mojobricks, which was a gift that was given to me when I attended Operation BBQ Relief at Sweet Baby Rays.  The product is great and the smoke smells amazing.  I may have used a bit too much for the little thighs!  They were also a tad spicy for my taste, but overall, I was very happy with the end result!  The method is flawless so far, now its just a matter of tweaking sauce and rub.

chix1 chix2 chix3

Now this was what they mean when they say “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

Now for the ribs.  Im warning you, this may get porknographic (ha, get it?)

For the ribs I started with two slabs of St Louis style ribs, slathered them with yellow mustard and used the Three Little Pigs rub for pork.  I had recently taken a BBQ class for chicken and ribs and it was run by the man behind Three Little Pigs rubs, I figured for learning sake I better do everything he did.  I need to learn some how, ya know?  Plus his rub is pretty delicious.  They did smoke at a slightly higher temp that I would have preferred but they still turned out great!  I did the no-fuss method with my ribs.  I didn’t flip, butter, wrap, brown sugar, spritz, or sing to them.  I just let them be their little rib selves.  This proved to be a pretty good method.  Why worry myself with 10 steps when I can just do two?

Season & Cook

When did this method become strange to so many people?  These ribs were one of the best I had ever made.  I found many more flaws with the ones I fussed around with more.  My only complaints on this was they could have maybe stayed in a little bit longer, and only about 30 minutes at most.  They pulled away cleanly from the bone without falling apart, nice smoke ring, great flavor.  The cherry mojobricks were more kind to the ribs than they were to the chicken.  Overall, a success for a practice day!




Happy Easter!

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